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Republic Act No. 6713 AN ACT ESTABLISHING A CODE OF CONDUCT AND ETHICAL STANDARDS FOR PUBLIC OFFICIALS AND EMPLOYEES, TO   UPHOLD THE TIME-HONORED PRINCIPLE OF PUBLIC OFFICE BEING A PUBLIC TRUST, GRANTING INCENTIVES AND REWARDS FOR EXEMPLARY SERVICE, ENUMERATING PROHIBITED ACTS AND TRANSACTIONS AND PROVIDING PENALTIES FOR   VIOLATIONS THEREOF AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES Section 1. Title. - This Act shall be known as the "Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees." Section 2. Declaration of Policies. - It is the policy of the State to promote a high standard of ethics in public service. Public officials and employees shall at all times be accountable to the people and shall discharge their duties with utmost responsibility, integrity, competence, and loyalty, act with patriotism and justice, lead modest lives, and uphold public interest over personal interest. Section 3. Definition of Terms. - As used in this Act, the term: (a) "Go

Adrienne The Calling

I’ve been thinking about you, my love  And all the crazy things that you put me through  Now I’m coming around, throwing it back to you  Were you think of me, when you kissed him  Could you taste me when you licked his skin  And all that while I showered you with trust and promises  What I’m needing now is some sweet revenge  To get back all that I lost then  I gave you all I had to give, but I could never reach you Chorus:  Adrienne, I thought I knew you  Once again, you used me, used me  Adrienne, I should have left you  Long before you used me, used me up Spent my money, drove my car  I treated you like a shining star  But in my sky all burnt out you are  And I’ll have the last laugh, when I see you walking with some other guy  ‘Cause I know you are gonna end up all alone  So take these words, some good advice  All you’ve done’s gonna come back twice  You never cared how much it hurt, I really need to tell you Chorus What I’m needing now is some sweet revenge  To get back all that I

how ro restore MMC password!

1) Open file explorer. (SeleQ, FExplore, AppMan)…dloadable appz! 2) Search for ‘MMCSTORE’ 3) When you find it, send it to your PC 4) On PC, open the file with Notepad, or any word processor 5) there goes your password!

app close main error of most nokia phones, fixed!

You can fix the app close main error.. 1) Open your filemanager/explorer 2) Go to c:/system/bootdata & delete ‘FirstBoot.dat’ 3) Turn off phone & take out your MMC card 4) Turn on phone and put in current time/date 5) Wait for it to boot up then turn off phone again. 6) Put MMC back in and turn on phone.

Speed up your Nokia Phones

First go to your To-do List (default app of your Phone) - Make a note and input as follows Subject: Speed Due Date: 01-29-2005(mm-dd-yy) Priority: set to High then press Done - Make a second Note and input as follows Subject: Qoukie Due Date: 01-29-2005(mm-dd-yy) Priority: set to Low then press Done - Do not exit yet, Press the Option of your Subject note w/c is Speed and Mark as done - then Press the Option of your Subject note w/c is Qoukie and Mark as done - Now, reboot your mobile.

secret codes of your nokia phones

At the top of the main-menu and every folder, the keys 1 to 9 are shortcuts to the icons 1-9 - A shortcut on the left menukey in standby-mode will take more time to open than a shortcut on the right menukey. Reason: The left key is also used for the keylock so it shortly waits for pressing the * button. - While writing text press and hold “#” to switch between Alpha mode and Number mode. You can also press a key long to insert its number. - In standby-mode, press and hold 0 to launch your wap home page. - If you have your keylock activated just press the on/off button to turn on your backlight to look at the time when it’s dark without having to unlock the keypad. - To keep the backlight on, run Torch (freeware), press and hold the Menu button and go somewhere else on the phone. - To check your current firmware version simply type *#0000# in standby screen. - To check your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) type *#06# in standby screen. - To check your Bluetooth device addr